Android Single Vendor Vehicle Tracker App is especially developed for the owners have their own vehicle like car, bus, tractor, ambulance and more on, they can make use of our android mobile application. This application provides convenient solution to track and monitor the different types of vehicles from anyplace at any time. Now the vehicle owner can know how the vehicle is driven and keep it protected with the GPS location.

We provide separate login details for the Owner and driver. They play an important role in the vehicle tracking application. The admin needs to login with the valid username and password in our Real-time Transit Tracker Application, and the admin can see the dashboard which consists of the total number of vehicles, drivers, and rides. The Owner can add new driver, new vehicles directly by clicking the menu icon in the top right corner of the homepage. The owner can see the list of the vehicle, drivers in the application. By clicking view button in any of the drivers, admin can see the full details of the drivers like vehicle exact location, and total rides by the driver. In the emergency alert admin can see the full list of rides, and clicking track now button, admin can enable to track the ride.

No registration is required for the driver; admin needs to create an account for driver. In the homepage driver can see the current location via Google map. In the top of the page, there is a button to see the current ride or allocated ride details. Notification will appear on each and every process like admin assign ride to driver, admin make changes in any of the ride.

The main features of the Android GPS Vehicle Tracking APP are vehicle management, driver management, Emergency alert, ride management, Ride report, Push notification, profile management, secure code, attractive user interface, and many others. The benefits of our Bus and Transit Tracking App are always known where the vehicle location, navigate the exact vehicle location, emergency alert, simple and powerful tracking portal, and more on. Our vehicle tracking mobile application is faster, reliable, accurate and safer to use.

Without any technical skills the owner and driver can handle and manage the Android Single Vendor Vehicle Tracker App easily. We are the leading web development and mobile application company providing different types of Android mobile application to the clients at the best price. For this GPs Mobile Application, We provide 3 months technical support and brand free application.


For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.


Vehicle Live location tracking, Google map Integration, FCM push notification, SOS alert if any emergency

Hosting Requirements

MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache module, PHP 5.3 or higher, Linux Server



Server Requirements

Apache 2.4.x




3 Months Technical Support, Brand Name Removal

Domain Usage

Based on your needs you can buy anyone license types like Single Domain, Multi-Domain or Multi-Domain With Reseller.

Payment Type

One time Payment:- Once you send the full payment we will give you the entire script files to you, thereafter you don’t want to pay anything.

Delivery Time

We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) And the scripts will deliver within 48 hours On Weekend(Saturday -Sunday)


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